It's easy to lure the job or promotion you want when you look the part.

With clients from around the world, Dick Lerner has earned his stellar reputation for complete image coaching. Over 30 years in the clothing industry, including conducting workshops on personal style and image management, have placed Lerner at the top of his field.

You’ll Wear it Well

If you’re ready to win, this is the book for you. You have just a few seconds to make a first impression that says without a doubt, “I’m a success,” so don’t leave it to chance! Image and clothing expert Dick Lerner easily shows you how to dress like the big fish for every
situation, every time.

Celebrities, military officers and savvy professionals who want to get ahead in their careers turn to Lerner to learn the secrets of creating a winning look every day. Now you can too! This book takes you from interviews to workplace gatherings, from formal dress to jeans. You will learn about the simple but important things such as fabric, fit and getting down to the details.

Dress Like the Big Fish has become the must-have guide for creating and cultivating a winning image. Don’t miss out on your chance for success! Learn to wear it well.

Who needs this book? Retiring military personnel,
companies who care about their associates’ dress
and appearance, soon-to-be college graduates,
professionals who want to improve their image and more.
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